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One of the most important steps for a home buyer is to compare home equity loan rates from different lenders with a shorter term and lower fixed rates (for example, a 3-year term at a fixed rate of less than 10%). The practical alternative would be to save money and pay a lower interest amount payable.


During the past couple of years, interest rates on home loans have been at their lowest levels. However, as a result of the last couple of years’ fiscal stimulus, interest rates have started to climb up, and mortgage rates for 4 or 5 years are also climbing up as well along the same lines. Since so many potential borrowers now prefer longer periods for home loans, shorter terms are also becoming more typical.

In spite of recent regression in home prices, using home equity loans for home improvements, debt consolidation, or while paying off credit card debts has been the top choice for households looking to improve their financial situation. On the whole, home equity loans have been considered by borrowers as more advantageous in terms of compromises with their budget. By paying lower interest amounts over a longer period of the term, they have even found it possible to build equity during the term which in turn gets improved by investing the equity in productive assets.


Home equity line of credits, usually with short term Home Equity Loans, instead of mortgages becoming the proud owners of their home, more and more families are using a home equity line of credits. In this light, using a home equity line of credits to pay off credit card debt amounts to wasting money after bad in a home equity loan – a new car, or boat instead of using a personal loan.


This may all be different if there was a group of homeowners who instead of committing to a long-term home loan spend money now on Pros to maximize the use of equity through home improvements, debt consolidation, or competing debt payments. This kind of home financing is gaining popularity with families who are willing to give up the short term and higher interest of fixed-rate home equity loans to pay down debt or boost their savings for other options.

Because of increased mortgage rates, the maximum amount a bank will lend, and how much they can borrow from the housing finance i.e. Home Equity lines, has been lowered. Many families are willing to accept this compromise with lower interest rates and lower loan amounts, even if they are not comfortable with this aspect.


With a Home Equity Loan, a home buyer now has an annual interest rate 14% lower than average. That amount can be divided into any number of mortgage payment options.


No matter what, if you cannot pay off or pay down credit card debt fast, then use your Home Equity loan to destroy it. Paying off high-interest debt early, and then closing credit cards or reducing credit card balances are two options. But investing that money in some secure and better-paying asset is the option that makes financial sense.


Get your Financing in Order

You can save $5, $10, $50, or even $100 per week with a little research and finance inside your home. Most lending products can be obtained out of your home with little or no questions asked. If you do not use them today, they are still available for you tomorrow. This will also relieve a lot of stress since you and your partner are always aware of what is happening with money.


Buying a Home will give anyone a firm financial footing next year because all of us will know just how much our house is worth. It is important to have decisions ready before meeting members of the Commission to make sure you are happy with the options when you sign your purchase agreement. Some changes can be very beneficial and others very costly upfront, therefore it is very important to look at all options.


I hope this information has been valuable to the forum members and I would advise anybody having thoughts on what to do to get the most from your home as possible.