What Search Engines are NOT looking for?

What Search Engines are NOT looking for?

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When we talk about SEO, we always have a conversation about what the search engine are looking for and what criteria your site will be able to get in the top search.

However, in addition to positive qualities, there are negative ones as opposed to them. That is, the quality of the site, in the presence of which the search engine will ignore your site.

And in order to fully understand the work of your site and achieve maximum efficiency, you need to have information on both sides of the medal.

So, what exactly search engines are NOT looking for?

There are many blacklist practices that could result in a large-scale Google fine on your site, so it’s best to avoid doing so even if it looks like a brilliant easy victory at that time.

Excessive keywords

Excessive keywords on your pages, especially if they obviously affect the readability of your site, is a taboo for you if you want to succeed. There is no doubt that Google is using keywords more often as a rating factor. Today, search engines are guided by the content as a whole, not just individual words.

Not relevant links

Leaving links in articles or other content, you need to take care of their relevance to the topic.

If the article about self-development, if you leave a link to someone’s Twitter or something like that – be sure, that search engines will not show the user such content.

Annoying ads

Make sure that your site is not saturated with advertising, which forces the user to complete the review of your page faster.

Duplicate content

If Google finds two identical parts of the content, regardless of your own site or something you do not even know, it will only display one of those pages. You need to know about scraper sites, automatically stealing your content and re-publishing your own content. Be an expert copywriter and responsible material publisher.

Hidden text and links

There are ways to manipulate ratings that a user may never see, but Google is likely to find and punish you for it.

Stay away from using white text on a white background, positioning text out of the screen, setting the font size to zero, or hiding a single-character link like a comma or a full stop.

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