What is SEO and why we need it

What is SEO and why we need it

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 SEO is the abbreviation of the phrase “search engines optimization”. The term itself intuitively brings us to meaning – in other words, SEO is a set of tools for making your site popular for users.

And yet – it’s the promotion of the site to the first place in search engines, and if the site is in the search top, it will be visited by  a much larger number of users than the sites at the bottom of the list.

It sounds easy, however, how does the process of site promotion actually happen and how do all the tools works?


SEO has its beginnings since the mid-1990s. With the advent of search engines, site owners almost instantly realized that there should be not only a site. You need to maximize the number of users to your site. And a better tool than a search engine cannot be found.

Competition has begun for the attention of search engines to their sites. Pioneers in SEO were, of course, the founders of the network – Americans. An important contribution to the development of SEO was made by Danny Sullivan, a well-known internet journalist who voiced the very concept of SEO, which in his opinion involves the use of peculiarities of search algorithms to promote the site. Studying the algorithms of search engines, Sullivan first drew attention to what attracted the attention of the search engine to the site, and suggested that the attention of the search engine can be attracted artificially. So the idea of intentional website promotion in search engines was born.

SEO as a technique

 Over time, there are many ways to optimize sites in search engines. It has become a business.

 Sites are promoted with unique content, open promotional campaigns, exchanges of thematic links with other sites, and more.

However, not all SEO methods are welcome by search engines. There is so-called “black” SEO, which promotes the site in a short time, but it significantly complicates the work of search engines. The benefit of using “black” SEO is the time, but for too fast promotion the site owner can pay a loss of the resource. Such a site is removed from the issuance of search engines and becomes useless in terms of profit.

SEO with a human face

The first Internet search projects were, rather, ambitious enthusiast initiatives that checked their talents in managing huge amounts of information. In the mid-90s of the last century, nobody thought about “white” SEO or black SEO. Programmers enjoyed the fact that their ideas, tools, created by them, effectively work globally.

 The situation changed dramatically when the Internet began to be called, in the area of step-by-step availability. And, especially when hundreds of thousands of Internet users began to try to extract the maximum profit from their projects with the help of SEO in a short time. In the course of a frank fraud of users and manipulation of the weaknesses of search engines. The Internet has become increasingly reminiscent of the “flea market” than the community of civilized people.

Search engines are still commercial projects, and this specificity does not allow them to combine their efforts in the struggle for the Internet for a person. However, every search engine, individually striking on black SEO and stimulating white SEO, does a great job – creating a World Wide Web with a human face.

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